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According to, 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos. 64%! That’s a lot.

Sounds a bit far fetched right? In January of 2018, the DMC Medical Group let us know that Dr. Sibson out of Hartland, MI, received a brand new patient specifically because the couple watched the video we created for him. They watched the video, they knew he was their guy, they walked in and became his patient. We think that is pretty spectacular, not because we are surprised that the video is effective, but because the couple went out of their way to tell the staff.

Having paid only $1000 for our video in 2014, it’s difficult to say exactly what Dr. Sibson’s ROI is (return on investment), but we estimate it to be at least 20 fold with just that one patient! Boom. Mic drop. That’s all folks! Here is that video:


Another success story for you: for the first two years of their digital sign campaign, Crossroads On 23 Church raised about $25,000 for an $85,000 digital sign. The video we created for them cost the church $1200, and generated the remaining funds in just three months time (the new digital is up now for all to see):

These are NOT the proverbial “these results are not typical” nonsense, this is everyday stuff from everyday companies that are dedicated to leveraging video to achieve their goals, and it works. We can help you do the same, no matter what your goals are.

When you make the decision to work with us, you will get one 30 second promotional video free when you purchase any video or package with us. Your sales will be easier and faster with brand new professionally produced assets that enhance your brand and work 24/7 for you on every social media platform.

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Professional videos provide high value assets that works for you 24/7, in multiple markets simultaneously, and are easily shared by any user to/from any internet capable device- cell phone, tablet, personal computers, and even video game consoles.


You will notice this discussion is about professional video production. Amateur videos are exactly that, amateur. They do nothing to elevate your brand as the quality is poor and create a less than favorable impression. A less than favorable impression that represents your business 24/7 is detrimental to your brand and sales, not beneficial!


People need your products, people need your services, and they need to know how to get them. All our professional videos allow your potential customers to become familiar and comfortable with you, your products, your services- and how to get them. Even more exciting, is all of this happens before they contact you in any way! This makes it easier and faster for you to close your sale.


You are missing the top two markets of 2018 if you do not have a branded Youtube Channel and a branded Facebook page. Why these two specifically? Because Youtube is the #2 search engine on the planet and Facebook is #3. Google is #1 and is a partner with Youtube, linking your website with your Youtube channel increases your website’s SEO.


Tubular Insights found that consumers engage with branded videos everyday on the following social media platforms, with this specific percentage of frequency: 49% on Facebook, 32% on YouTube, 24% on Instagram, 22% on Snapchat, and 22% on Twitter.


Perhaps the most important benefit to having both of these platforms, is that they provide a simple, easy, and natural way for people to share your message with their family and friends- your customers already share videos on these platforms, your business will now simply have valuable assets to add to these conversations.


If you are serious about elevating your brand, you will want a variety of professional video products to maximize your sales potential on a 24/7 basis. Here are just a few styles to consider for your benefit- combine these into one video and you have one very compelling asset:

  • Testimonial videos these provide 100% validity of your products and services, compelling any interested viewer to contact you.
  • Promotional videos provide the clear concise message of your product or service, exactly the way you want it expressed without deviation. Every. Single. Time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Pro tips or ‘how to’ videos allow you to demonstrate your expertise on multiple levels, and become a top of mind resource in your industry.

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Since 2007 we have produced 63 (and counting) interview based videos for just -one- of our clients. We have perfected an approach to video production that makes it simple, time efficient, and anxiety free for you to look and sound your best.


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