Aerial drone videography is 100% legal and thriving in 2017.

Common sense permissions are the key to keeping the proverbial waters calm.  As such, we do not violate any individual’s privacy, and we take all precautions to ensure safety.  Accidents can happen, so we use detailed written waivers specific to each of our projects, and do not film unless they are dated and signed by the appropriate person who has the authority to do so, and all positions of authority have been alerted to our filming details (when and where we will arrive to film and so on).

Additionally, all of the pilots we work with have registered with, and have secured their Section 333 Exemption from the FAA, or a Part 107 Exemption, so you can be assured we are fully compliant with the current state of legal affairs to film any aerial footage.

FAA links for more information:

• Section 333 vs. Part 107

• FAA Info about Part 107, .pdf file

FAA Part 107 Waiver Process, .pdf file