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Fenton School of Dance In Concert DVD’s

Fenton School of Dance

MAY 5, 2017

In Concert DVD’s

Payment options:

1. You can download the order form here and snail mail it to our office with your payment,


2. Order your choice below through PayPal, these are configured only for delivery to FSD Studio.

IMPORTANT: if you need a delivery to another address, please snail mail a printed form to Michigan Video and Photography, 110 East Grand River, Howell, MI 48843.

FSD DVD In Concert, May 5, 2017


NEW FOR 2017

Digital File Pricing: $10 for one dance, $5 for each additional dance. For example, if you ordered a total of three dances, you would pay $20 (10 + 5 + 5 = 20). Order as many, or as few, individual dances as you like.

At this time, Digital Files must be ordered through this snail mail order form only.

Orders are valid for one family only– no group orders accepted for Digital Files. An email will be sent to you requesting the dance titles that you want Digital Files of. Files will be delivered as a .mov file compressed for 1080 HD.

General Information about our DVD’s: and digital file capture:

• 3 HD cameras will capture each performance, with audio mastered between the sound board feed and two open camera mics.

• The footage will be edited between the three camera angles, color corrected, and layered with graphics.

• The final authored DVD will have individual chapters for your convenience.

• DVD’s will be delivered 8-9 weeks after the performance.

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