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Hartland Drama Club

Hartland Drama Club

ORDERING FOR ’18 and ’19 Season

Our Town Fall 2018 and Music Man 2019 are available for ordering.

Our Town DVD’s and Digital Files are available now and will be provided to you within 24 hours of ordering. Music Man DVD’s and Digital Files will be delivered on or before Monday June 3rd 2019. You may:

  • Order through snail mail, or
  • Order directly online from the links below

You may order as many DVD’s as you like and/or as many Digital Files as you like, and in any combination you prefer.


Click here to download the snail mail order form, to complete and mail to our office with your payment.


In the box just above the “buy now” button, please indicate what show you want for each item ordered. For example, if you order 2 DVD’s, please say what show you want for each DVD (you may want one of each show, or two of the same show, we won’t know unless you tell us). Make sure you indicate what show you want for every item you order:

Please select item(s) you want:
What show is for what item?

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